2021 Weston Playbill


Number of full-time, year-round staff: 7 Number of blizzards survived during Walker Farm Music: 1 Number of summer season performances cancelled: 113 Number of staff pets who made quarantine a little brighter: 4 Number of theatre artists engaged in creating new work: 102 Of writers: 39 Of directors: 14 Of actors: 35 Of designers: 14 Total number of Zoom meeting minutes logged on company account: 125,620 Of average monthly minutes before March 13: 2,017 Of average monthly minutes after March 13: 13,285 Hours of Weston Playhouse YouTube content consumed: 2100 Increase from 2019: 87% Increase in YouTube subscribers: 83% Increase in Facebook followers: 12% Total audience views of The Cabaret: Cowrantine Edition: 1,600 Equivalent of in-person, sold out late-night Cabaret's: 22 Total audience views of the One Room collection: > 18,000 Number of meetings, rehearsals, and filming sessions for One Room : > 40 Of days from first meeting with artists to premiere: 58 Of rehearsal and filming days: 14 Of rehearsal and filming hours: 70 Of artists working on the project: 61 Furthest distance in miles between artists: 9,339 (Weston to Singapore) Number of time zones: 5 Number of US states represented: 10 Number of universities using One Room as curriculum content: 3 Percentage of One Room views generated by The New York Times reviews: 18%

Figures cited are the latest available as of December 2020


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